Our History

“Armor” taking its roots from the Breton language, means “guiding you through oceans”. Based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Paris, Armor Capital places this concept at the heart of its offer and has supported mid-cap business owners since 2009.

Armor Capital is served by a core team of experienced professionals and a global network of expert sources. Our five partners, Guillaume Caillet, Jacques Baudier, Jean Giorgis, Long N’Guyen and Sina Rahimy combine 60 years of experience in the US, Europe and Asia.

Enhanced by practical knowledge and motivated by the success of our clients, our team has a commitment to ethics, integrity and performance. We boast expertise in corporate finance, private equity, business development and entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Long-term client commitment: We are fully aligned with our clients’ interests by placing the highest value on the enduring nature of our relationships
  • Customized solutions: Our experienced team is able to deliver solutions tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Independence: We guarantee an absence of conflict of interest by dedicating our services to a limited number of clients in each industry
  • Entrepreneurial: We develop a flat organizational structure that favors creativity, complementarity and efficiency

Our Strengths